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King Sun Cooling Tower Batam, King Sun KFT Batam, King Sun Batam

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11 / 07 / 2024
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Detail King Sun Cooling Tower Batam, King Sun KFT Batam, King Sun Batam

King Sun Cooling Tower terdiri dari tipe :
- KST-N (Bottle Type) dengan sistem Counter Flow
- KFT (Square Type) dengan sistem Counter Flow

Tipe KST-N tersedia dari seri KST-N 10 sampai KST-N 1500
Tipe KFT tersedia dari seri KFT 40 sampai KFT 5000

- The low pressure water distribution spray system is located inside the tower and not exposed to the sunlight , hence no algae growth.
- The fill packs are fully enclosed within the casing and completely protected from environmental pollutions and sunlight deterioration.
- The discharge air is less likely to re-enter the intake-louvers due to their lower location which is just above the cold water basin.
- In Area A , warm saturated air meets hot water.
In Area B , cooler ambient air meets cold water.
Therefore, heat-transfer is optimized.

Features of KFT :
- High Efficiency
The KFT counterflow towers optimize heat transfer by letting the coldest water come in contact with the cooler entering ambient air and the warmest water contact the warmer saturated air, resulting in greater evaporation and maximum heat-exchange.
- Smaller Footprint
Counterflow towers are designed for greater air & water contact than crossflow towers and require smaller plenum chamber area, so are smaller in dimensions and have smaller footprint.
- Less Recirculation
Recirculation of hot saturated discharge air, which drastically reduces cooling capacity, is less prevalent on counterflow towers when compared to crossflow towers due to smaller and lower air intake configuration.
- Low Noise Level
KFT’s high quality “basin silencer” , positioned directly above the cold water basin, efficiently absorbs the sound of water droplets falling from fill packs into the cold water basin, resulting in low overall noise level.
- Access for Maintenance
The simple structure and compact sizing of KFT allows for maintenance from easy access on all four sides of the tower.
- Cleaner Fill Packs & Distribution System
The fill pack modules and distribution system on KFT towers are fully enclosed within the tower casing, and are entirely protected from UV exposure.
This feature also effectively reduces ice-formation, and makes it easier for KFT to operate in winter.
- Cleaner Water Basin
KFT features closely spaced PVC air-intake louvers, effectively preventing sunlight from reaching the cold water collection basin, contributing to less algae growth.
The modular air intake louvers are easily removable for access to the cold water basin for cleaning.
- Less Piping Cost
KFT towers are designed for single side water-inlet and outlet, requiring much less piping cost when compared to the double inlets on crossflow type towers.
- Minimal Drift Loss
KFT features high efficiency triple-pass PVC drift eliminator, effectively minimizing drifting loss.
- Durable Construction
Fabricated with high corrosion-resistant materials-- FRP structure, casing & basin, KFT guarantees a long service life.

Features of KST :
KST-N series cooling towers use vacuum formed film type cellular fill. The heat exchange
performance of it is about 20% higher than the hot press winded fill of ordinary round type
cooling tower.
The fashion of the vacuum formed fill will always keep constant without changing after being
glued. However, the ordinary hot press winded fill always lose it’s fashion in the process of
winding, pressing and gluing. Because the fashion lose it’s constancy, the air flow is
obstructed and heat exchange efficiency is reduced. Thus, about 20% performance of the
cooling tower is lost.
In the range KST-N-20 through 1000, the drain socket are 2”. This is very much helpful for
cooling tower maintenance because of time saving.
In the range KST-N-3 through 80, in the lowest position of the basin, we install an extra drain
plug. After the cleaning work of the basin, the contaminated water could be fully drained off
from this drain plug. This is very much helpful for cooling tower maintenance work to get rid of
the contaminated water which is lower than drain socket.
In the range KST-N-25 and up, the drift eliminator could be installed as an optional parts. The
drift loss after the installation of the drift eliminator would be less than 0.005%.
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